MacMurray College announced closure on Friday, March 27, 2020, and ceased all enrollment at the end of the spring 2020 semester. Please note: This information is provided as a courtesy to former students from the former website. The MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this content.

This information is designed for former students from the MacMurray College class years of 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

How to Obtain a Transcript

1098-T-Form Distribution

Forms were mailed to all eligible students on January 31, 2021.

US Department of Education Resources

Illinois Board of Higher Education Resources


Does closure mean I won’t be able to complete my degree at MacMurray?
Only students who were able to complete all degree requirements by the close of spring semester 2020 were eligible to complete their degree at MacMurray.

What happens to the credits I have taken at MacMurray?
All credits earned at MacMurray are valid even after the College has closed. MacMurray was regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and credits will be considered for transfer by any other regionally accredited institution.

What happens to my academic records after closure?
Academic records will be preserved and accessible after MacMurray College closes. Records will be transferred to a custodian institution which is still to be determined.

How will I be able to obtain an official transcript?
The current process to request transcripts has not changed. Students and alumni can order official transcripts online. Official transcripts can be ordered directly through the Parchment electronic service.

  1. Set up an account at the Parchment website.
  2. Follow the on-site directions to submit orders.

Your legal signature is required to release a transcript, which is collected by Parchment. You must submit a Parchment request and pay the transcript fee for delivery.

All transcripts, including those sent directly to you, require the same processing. Transcripts through Parchment are a total of $15 including their fee. Additional delivery options may be available through Parchment.

Federal Student Loan Information

I have federal student loans and my school is closing. What happens next?
There are many issues involving student loans if a student's school closes before they complete their degree. First, it is important to know about all of your student loans, including your loan debt, which schools the loans were borrowed from, and who your current loan servicer is (the agency that is responsible for collecting payments on your loans).

You can find all your federal student loan information by accessing the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at You can access the site using your Federal Student Aid (FSA) User ID and qualifying personal identification information.

Who is my loan servicer? How do I find that out?
When you log into NSLDS, you will see a list of every federal loan you have received. Each loan will be assigned to a loan servicer. Usually they try to keep all of your loans with one servicer. If you click on the "servicer" link, the website will bring up the contact information for that servicer.

Where can I find more information on the terms of my loans and repayment options?
Go to the federal student loans website at by visiting At this site, you can complete "loan exit counseling" and view "repayment calculators."

Since MacMurray College closed, do I have to repay the loans I borrowed while attending the college?
There are many different criteria including if you transfer credits to another school to complete your degree, and if you were enrolled at the closed school within 120 days of its closure. The following link to the federal student aid site has information for students. It answers many different questions a student may have: