What is the Foundation's mission?
To preserve and continue the history and legacy of MacMurray College. Its Board of Directors established four primary purposes of the Foundation:

How will the Foundation use donations?
It is planned for the majority of funds to go to our Mission of providing scholarships, grants, upkeep of the MacMurray Collection and supporting the historical museum display. We also hope to continue Alumni activities and expand our communications with alumni.

When will Foundation scholarships be available? How does one apply?
A subcommittee of the Foundation is focused on fundraising for scholarships and for determining the types and amounts of scholarships. It is hoped that the first scholarships can be announced and provided in time for the 2021-2022 academic year.

What's the Foundation's relationship to the former MacMurray College? Did it receive MacMurray College funds?
MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association is a separate organization — not a successor organization to the college. The Foundation is its own legal non-profit entity in the State of Illinois and to the Internal Revenue Service. The foundation's 11-member Board of Directors has two members who are voting members of the MacMurray College Board of Trustees.

MacMurray College did not provide any funds for the Foundation. Alumni Association-raised funds controlled by the Alumni Board were transferred to the Foundation by the College to partially support the formation. Some of those funds include the restricted Betsy Swigart Fund, for use by the Foundation's Alumni Engagement Committee.

What will happen to MacMurray College records and mementos?
The Foundation has received the historical records of the college, also known as the College Archives and MacMurray Collection. These include vintage photographs, scrapbooks, notes/papers from past presidents and professors, campus building blueprints, student organization information, college meeting minutes, and various other artifacts and mementos. Much will be viewable on a rotating, semi-permanent display in the "MacMurray Hall" area of the Jacksonville Area Museum when it opens in mid-2021. Documents can be made available for in-person viewing for research on an advance basis.

Does the Foundation have any full- or part-time staff? Where is it located? What's the best way to get in touch?
The Foundation currently has no paid staff or physical office. It is 100% volunteer run, so donations go directly to activities supporting its mission and goals. Interested parties can contact:

MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association
PO Box 47
Jacksonville, IL 62651

Phone messages go to a voicemail, with the appropriate Foundation representative returning calls as soon as possible. Email inquiries go to the Board chair. The postal box is checked several times weekly.

How will the Foundation keep alumni involved and informed?
The Foundation's Alumni Engagement Committee plans to host annual events such as Homecoming and Class Reunions. Additionally, the Foundation will continue to present alumni awards to distinguished individuals. Monthly e-mail blasts will contain news and updates. It is also hoped that organized social media can share important key alumni life events, such as births, weddings, and deaths.

Can I get my transcripts, employee or student records from the Foundation?
No. The Foundation has no employment or academic record or access to student transcripts or diplomas from MacMurray College. Information for transcripts can be found on the college's website at https://www.mac.edu/closure/alumni#transcript.

Can there be a foundation without a college?
Yes. Many school foundations operate as independent entities, with no formal or legal relationship to the college or institution. It is also not without precedent that alumni organizations and foundations endure beyond the life span of the original education institution.

Does the Foundation welcome MacMurray students who didn't graduate before the college closed?

What is the Foundation's relationship to the City of Jacksonville?
The Foundation works as an informal, but committed, partner with the city and its various entities.

Will the Foundation seek to purchase any buildings on the MacMurray campus when it's auctioned?
No. The Foundation's primary interest is to preserve "MacFam," the network of MacMurray's people.