Seventeen individuals served as President of MacMurray College and its earlier iterations during the 174 years of the institution's existence. Fifteen were men, two were women, and most were Methodist clergy.

The first president was James F. Jaquess, an acquaintance of Lincoln, who later became a Union officer during the Civil War and a negotiator who tried to arrange a peace with the Confederacy.

Perhaps the two most influential presidents were Joseph R. Harker and Clarence P. McClelland who served for 59 years from 1893 to 1952. It was Harker who put the philosophical stamp on the College and it was McClelland, with his partner and Board chair, the Chicago businessman and former state senator James E. MacMurray, who built the physical campus and transformed the institution.

Under President Louis W. Norris, men were admitted to MacMurray for the first time.

During the administrations of Gordon E. Michalson and John J. Wittich, MacMurray College reached its peak enrollment of over 1100.

Colleen Hester was the first female president.

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