2021-22 Scholarships Awarded

MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association is pleased to announce that 33 individuals have been named MacMurray Scholars and will each receive $1,000 towards their college education, pending final eligibility and individual future plans. Awarding $33,000 in scholarships the first year far exceeded the original goal of $15,000 due the generosity of MacMurray College Alumni, including those supporting a Named Scholarship. In this first year, the MacMurray Foundation prioritized providing scholarships to students who were attending MacMurray College when it announced its closure.

Richard & Judith Dozier Hackman Scholarship

William Stanton Future Educators Scholarship

Class of 1981 Scholarship

Nancy Witthoeft Scholarship

Jacksonville (IL) Promise Scholar

MacMurray Scholars

Please watch for the 2022-23 application deadlines.

MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association scholarships deadlines for 2022-23 awards will be finalized and published at a later date. The estimated application date is March 15, 2022 with awards by June 30, 2022. The criteria for 2021-22 is below and is under review for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please check back for dates and updated application criteria.

MacMurray Foundation and
Alumni Association Scholarships

From 1846 to 2020 MacMurray College scholarships helped students pursue their college education. MacMurray students were frequently supported by generous college scholarships, often given to first generation college students. The MacMurray Foundation is making scholarships for recent students and the descendants and relatives of alums, faculty, and staff, a central offering of its scholarship program. Also, in recognition of MacMurray's long and historic relationship with the Jacksonville community, the Foundation will provide an annual scholarship to a local student in coordination with the Jacksonville Promise Organization. We invite applications for scholarships for classes beginning in Fall 2021 and welcome contributions to new scholarship funds. We are now accepting applications, but will not review or award any scholarships until after the May 1st deadline for submissions. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please review the criteria below and on the Scholarship Application Form. All awards are for one year only, but awardees may apply for additional years through this process.

If you are interested in funding a scholarship or supporting the scholarship program, review the possibilities on our support page.

Current Scholarships

The MacMurray Foundation and Alumni Association is making the following scholarships available to select qualified applicants for the school year 2021-2022. Each scholarship awarded will be for $1000.

SCHOLARSHIPS (MacMurray Scholars):

Criteria for Applying

  1. Primary Criteria. To be considered for a MacMurray Foundation and Alumni Association scholarship, an applicant must be either of the following and meet one or more of the additional criteria listed in paragraph 2 below:
    1. Be a member of MacFam. For this purpose and in keeping with the theme of MacFam, a member of MacFam is considered to either be a descendant or relative of, or be anyone who attended or graduated from MacMurray College, a former employee, a faculty member, or a board member of MacMurray College; or
    2. Be an awardee of a Jacksonville Promise scholarship and meet the Foundation's general scholarship requirements.
  2. Additional Criteria.
    1. Initially, those persons who were students at MacMurray College at the time of its closure will be given first priority, so that they may have assistance in finishing their college experience.
    2. Be a first-generation College student.
    3. Be a high school graduate who will attend a private liberal arts college in the Midwest (Illinois and neighboring states).
    4. Be a college applicant or attendee who will major in one of the programs where MacMurray was historically prominent.
    5. Be pursuing an advanced degree in a helping profession.
    6. Be a member of a low-income household as defined by the US Department of Health and Human Services and demonstrate financial need (See Financial Need Form).

How to Apply

  1. Academic Requirement.
    • An applicant must have maintained a 3.0 average on a 4-point high school grade scale if applying for an undergraduate scholarship or on a 4-point college grade scale if applying for an advanced degree scholarship. If awarded a scholarship, a recipient must maintain a 3.0 average on a 4-point college grade scale to be considered for possible continuation of the scholarship award.
  2. Essay Requirement.
    • An applicant must include a 500 to 1500-word essay describing how the values of Knowledge, Faith, Service, and Wisdom, Duty and Reverence have impacted the applicant or the applicant's future plans, and what these values mean to the applicant. (See page 3 of the Scholarship Application Form for information about MacMurray values).
  3. Letter of Reference Requirement.
    • An applicant must also submit a letter of reference from a teacher, pastor or other adult of their choice.

How to Submit Your Application

  1. Application Deadline.
    • Complete applications must be submitted by May 1st, 2021 using the Scholarship Application Form to be considered for an award for the following academic year. Applications must be filled out completely and all application materials must be submitted by May 1st or they will be rejected without further consideration.
  2. Submitting Your Application.
    • To submit your application, email the following documents, along with your application form, to MacScholars@MacAlumFoundation.org:
      1. Official high school or undergraduate transcript.
      2. Statement showing how you exemplify MacMurray College's values.
      3. Completed Financial Form (if applying for an award based on financial need).
      4. College Financial Award Letter (if applying for an award based on financial need).
      5. Letter of reference.

Privacy Policy for Scholarship
Applicants and Awardees

The information provided by the applicant and family is private and will be shared only with scholarship reviewers for purposes of determining eligibility for a scholarship and making recommendations for scholarship awards. No information will be made public, except as may be required by law, or as indicated below for publication of the award or as specifically permitted by the awardees. Scholarship awardee's information will be provided to the applicant's requested institution. The Foundation reserves the right to make public awardee's name, parent's name and high school for publicizing the award, awardee and the Foundation. (Read our full privacy policy.)

Contact Us

If you have questions or want more information, please contact the Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair at MacScholars@MacAlumFoundation.org and/or leave a message at 217-291-4234.