We all grieve at the loss of our beloved college, especially those students whose education was suddenly interrupted in the spring of 2020 when the college announced its closure.

With the Foundation forming as a result of the closure, many have asked why we ask for support and donations when they supported MacMurray College over the years and wondered if this was not just another excuse — we assure you it is not!

As a newly formed independent IRS designated charitable organization several reasons would be:

  1. We hold MacMurray College Archives and the MacMurray Collection is housed and displayed in the Mac Hall of the new Jacksonville Area Museum. This comes with a cost to the Foundation.
  2. We give scholarships to members of the MacFam as well as their relatives and descendants (alumni, faculty, staff) for undergraduate and graduate level education on an annual basis, with how much we can award dependent on donations or designated gifts.
  3. MacFam News updates will continue to provide updates on happenings of alumni. Whether it be a wedding, birth, passing, award, honor or other life event, we want to pass along important happenings to share with your fellow alumni. Due to cost, this will be only available electronically. We all want to stay connected; however, this comes with a cost to the Foundation.
  4. The Foundation received no funds from the college and is dependent on the generosity of others to fulfill our mission.
  5. There are regular annual expenses the Foundation and any such organization incurs, including expense related to a website and e-mail addresses, E-Newsletters and other communications, planned alumni activities (Homecomings and Reunions), insurance (ours is more due to the archives and museum), accounting and legal fees, and more. This comes with a cost to the Foundation.

We hope you will help us continue the legacy and impact of MacMurray College.

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