It is the policy of the MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association to respect and insure the confidentiality and privacy of Board of Directors, Committee Members, Donors, scholarship applicants and awardees and other constituents (MacMurray College Alumni & Friends of MacMurray College) in the Foundation's database.


Board and Committee Members

Individual names shall be listed on the Foundation's website with town of residence and MacMurray College graduating class if appropriate. Any request for other personal information or contact information shall not be released without the approval of said member and for a specific matter only.

Communication to any Board or Committee member may be made through the Foundation's e-mail address(es) or Foundation phone number. Each member may request other information be made public at their sole discretion.

Donors and Constituents in Database

Donors' names may be listed in newsletters and annual reports, with no other identifying information (address, phone, city, email) being made public.

Donor's information, including dates, amount and purposes of donations will be maintained in a donor management system protected by user name and password. Access to the database will be limited to individuals identified by the Foundation to provide donor entry and reports, and not to all members of the Board or Committees.

Constituents (MacMurray College Alumni or Friends of the College) will be maintained in a separate database with access only to those involved with distribution of mailings and newsletters.

Requests for contact information of specific individuals will be shared with the individual and include who made such request and their contact information. The Foundation will not serve as a third party to communication between the individual and requestor. The requestor will be informed the policy of the Foundation is not to release such information but to pass the requestors information and communication along to the individual.

Scholarship Applicants and Awardees

The information provided by the applicant and family is private and will be shared only with scholarship reviewers for purposes of determining eligibility for a scholarship and making recommendations for scholarship awards. No information will be made public, except as may be required by law, or as indicated below for publication of the award or as specifically permitted by the awardees. Scholarship awardees information will be provided to the applicant's requested institution. The Foundation reserves the right to make public awardees name, parent's name and high school for publicizing the award, awardee and the Foundation.

Renting, Selling, or Sharing of Names

It is the policy of the Foundation not to sell, rent, or share any personal information to third parties except as required by law. Such information not to be shared includes names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other information the Foundation learns from a donor, constituent or scholarship awardee, their parent(s) or references.