Guidelines for MacMurray campus visits

June 4, 2020

As COVID-19 restrictions change over the summer months, alumni will be welcome to walk through campus, but all campus buildings will remain closed.

Here’s what you need to know before you go to plan an effective visit:

WHAT TO SEE: Alumni are free to walk, drive through, or bike the 60-acre campus. All buildings, including the library and chapel, will remain locked. If you happen to see security or other personnel, please do not ask them to “let you in.” For safety and insurance reasons, they are not permitted to unlock doors, gates or otherwise allow entry.

To see inside buildings (as they appeared this past spring), we invite you to take the virtual tour here.

WHERE TO PARK: We recommend using the centrally located parking lot adjacent to Katy Hall. Parking is free.

WHERE TO ‘GO’: With buildings closed, no restrooms are available to the public on campus.

WHAT ELSE TO DO: We recommend supporting local businesses and restaurants while you’re here! Jacksonville’s downtown is gradually reopening, and a number of restaurants offer outdoor seating. Please check their open days and times online. Here is a brief list:

WILL THERE BE ANY UPCOMING EVENTS ON CAMPUS? Sadly, no. While a number of alumni are working to formalize plans for homecoming and class reunions this fall around the time of Founder’s Day (Saturday, Oct. 10), it is likely these will take place in Jacksonville but not on campus.

MacMurray is also looking to plan an alternate graduation event for the Class of 2020, since the original planned May 9 commencement had to be postponed due to State of Illinois restrictions.

Any planned events and information will be announced to alumni via email, on Facebook, and will be posted to the website. (Please click here to familiarize yourself with the Alumni section of the website.)

WHAT’S BEING DONE WITH EVERYTHING INSIDE THE BUILDINGS? As reported in the May @Mac alumni e-newsletter, the cataloging and transfer of archives, books and collectibles are being handled by library staff.  Any planned sales and/or online auctions of select building furnishings, art and collectibles will be announced on the Alumni section of the website in the coming months. It’s anticipated that alumni would be able to make bids on any items.

WHO CAN I CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION? You are welcome to send specific inquiries to Due to staff reductions, please allow one to two business days for a reply. 

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