HLC renews MacMurray's accreditation

July 9, 2018

The Higher Learning Commission, the regional accrediting body for MacMurray College, has notified President Mark Tierno of its decision to reaffirm MacMurray College’s accreditation. The HLC team visited campus for a full comprehensive review last December.

“This success resulted from a full campus effort,” Tierno said. “I want to thank our wonderful staff and faculty for pulling together to put this historic institution on a path toward continued success.”

The HLC took notice of the College’s dedication to excellence, stating, “the institution demonstrates a commitment to educational achievement and improvement through ongoing assessment of student learning” and “the institution works systematically to improve its performance.”

Provost Beverly Rodgers said the HLC accreditation renewal reflects the College’s commitment to academic excellence. Rodgers said, “With renewal of HLC accreditation MacMurray College moves forward with a clear and strategic vision and purpose to ensure our students receive an education that is personal, contemporary and will serve them well into their futures.”

The College has been fully accredited since 1913.

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