MacMurray Foundation Awards Scholarships

May 15, 2022

MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association is pleased to announce that 37 individuals have been named MacMurray Scholars and will receive awards between $1,000 - $3,000 towards their college education. In keeping with MacMurray College's commitment to academic excellence, scholarships are based on academic performance.

In making the announcement, David Ekin, MacMurray Foundation Chair, stated that the organization "Due to the generosity of MacMurray College Alumni, including those establishing endowed and Named Scholarships, we were able to increase the number of scholarships to 37 and total dollar figures as well for 2022-2023 with some up to $3,000. It is extra special that most have a direct connection to MacFam. The fact that many recipients were former students of MacMurray when it closed makes this extra special."

14 recipients were students when the college closed, one an alum of the college, 15 were children of alumni, 6 whose grandparents were graduates of MacMurray and 2 had other relatives who were MacMurray graduates.

Sandy Watson, Chair of the Scholarship Committee and a Board member, was "pleased that the organization was able to increase the number and amount of dollars awarded from our first year. Hopefully next year we can again exceed this number and continue to move the legacy of MacMurray College forward."

Part of the mission of MacMurray Foundation and Alumni Association is to carry on the legacy of the college by providing scholarships to individuals with an association to the college (former student, staff, faculty or Board members and their relatives) or wanting to pursue a career in an area the college was noted for.

The Foundation also holds the MacMurray College Archives with memorabilia and artifacts displayed in the MacMurray Hall of the Jacksonville Area Museum. The Foundation works to keep alumni engaged with each other as evidenced by the upcoming June 17 - 19 gathering of alumni in Jacksonville, as well as e-newsletters.

MacMurray Foundation & Alumni Association is an independent 501(c)3 charitable organization. For more information about the Foundation or their scholarship program please visit MacMurray College closed in 2020 after 174 years as an institution of higher education.

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