Scholarship, MacMurray Scholars

The Scholarship and Grants Committee is responsible for developing policies and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for awarding of higher education scholarships. This includes potential academic requirements, priorities, scholarship amounts, application forms and timelines, and other scholarship issues. The amount of funds available for scholarships is determined annually and based on donations. Recipients of scholarships may include alumni, professors and staff of MacMurray College; descendants or relatives of MacMurray College alumni, professors, and staff; first generation college students and those entering a profession closely related to MacMurray College's legacy.

Preference is given to individuals attending small private liberal arts colleges in Illinois.

Grants to Other Non-Profits

Depending on availability of funds, the Scholarship and Grants Committee will also develop guidelines for approval by the Board for grants to other non-profits. This includes subjects, priorities, proposed grant awards, application forms and timelines.

Named Scholarships or Grants

Individuals or families may also establish Named Scholarships or Named Grants, which the Foundation would oversee and award based on the donor's designation or restriction. Such scholarships or grants may be established for multiple year awards with the amount of awards determined in accordance with the donor's wishes. All such donated funds for these purposes are maintained in a separate restricted account with the Foundation.

History, Preserving and Maintaining MacMurray College Legacy

The History and Museum Committee will oversee the collection and storing of MacMurray College related artifacts, memorabilia and mementoes. The Foundation is also the recipient of MacMurray College's historical documents and items. The collection includes official documents of the College, papers of various Presidents and Professors, legal and historical documents and the College's Lincoln Collection.

Historical Display of MacMurray College

The Foundation is working with the Jacksonville Heritage Cultural Center to have a MacMurray Wing in the planned Jacksonville Area Museum. Artifacts, memorabilia and mementos representing MacMurray College's 174-year history (1846-2020) will be displayed. Due to the volume of items, it is anticipated there will be a rotation of items displayed from the MacMurray Collection.

Alumni Engagement

Recognizing the impact MacMurray College and its Alumni have locally, regionally and nationally, the Alumni Engagement Committee will plan and implement activities to engage alumni with each other and with the Foundation. Such activities may include Homecomings, Class Reunions or local gatherings around the country. As deemed appropriate by the Committee, Alumni Awards or other recognitions may be continued or new ones developed.